Monday, January 7, 2013

Are these for sale?

No new sketch today since I had Mario and Luigi cover days 6 AND 7 but I'd like to address the Are these for sale? question.

I get asked this question a lot. The answer is yes. The fact is I just don't have time or store space to post every single cardBOREDsketch I do. But if you are ever interested in any of the ones I post for the blog, just tweet me, facebook me, instagram me, or email me which one you are interested in. First come, first serve.

Here are the specs for the sketches and how much you can get them for:
  • cardBOREDsketch size is 2"x3"
  • they are $5 for a single sketch
  • you can get them framed in a nice 4"x6" black frame for $15
  • shipping is $5 for either the single or the framed
  • Paypal address is

From time to time I also put a variety of sizes on my online store. If you do not like any of the ones you see currently you can always order a set of your own. When you place your order just tell me in the comments or additional info which characters you would like. I do 5 cardBOREDsketches for $20.

*on a side note, if you follow me on instagram, twitter, or facebook the ones that I hash tag with #cardBOREDset are not for sale.....yet. :)

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