Friday, January 18, 2013

018: Lion-O

TGIF kids! Hope everyone had a good time looking inside the #cardBOREDsketch box this week. I got something special lined up for next week starting this Sunday, so stay tuned!

Today's drawing is of Lion-O, leader of the feline super group, The Thundercats. I don't remember as much of the show as I do the toys. A lot of these action figures had the lever on their back which you would push down causing their arms to thrash back and forth in a slicing-karate chop action.

I remember having a Lion-O toy... that really wasn't mine. It was my older cousins. I remember him visiting from somewhere like Canada. I remember him letting me play with it. I remember holding on to it. I remember him getting on the plane without it. I remember claiming that he let me have it since I didn't give it up and "he forgot".

I was kind of evil.

Man if he only he had a Sword of Omens to give him sight beyond sight, he wouldn't have let me play with it his entire visit.

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