Tuesday, April 16, 2013

106: Bea, the Dreamer

Web Comics week continues with Bea from THE DREAMER. The Dreamer is a adventure-romance comic set during present day and The Revolutionary War written and drawn by the lovely Lora Innes.

I first met Lora when I started the convention circuit with When I Was Little. It was my second show, The Mid Ohio Con, and I still had those convention noobie jitters. I actually sought out Lora because I discovered her comic when I was looking over the bios of the Mid Ohio artist roster. I was immediately drawn to her art style, they had a picture of The Dreamer trade cover and it stood out to me. It wasn't super-heroes or crazy monsters it was a comic about history. It was unique. It was something I had to tell her in person.

After that show, we've been convention friends ever since and she's continued to inspire me with her art and story telling. She's even helped me promote HEART through her PAPER WINGS PODCAST that she does with the amazingly talented Chris Oatley.

Check out The Dreamer as well as the Paper Wings community if you're in need of some artistic inspiration!

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