Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coming 2013

Hello and welcome to my #cardBOREDsketch box. If you are here, you probably follow me on Instagram, the Twitters, and the Facebooks where I constantly post doodles I do called cardBOREDsketches. Now, these doodles have another home. The goal and purpose of this site is that of a "doodle-a-day". I plan on posting one #cardBOREDsketch a day for the next year.

At the start of my convention season, I will be bringing the #cardBOREDsketch box with me and selling these lovely pieces and some that I don't post (just cause I post one-a-day doesn't mean I sketched one-a-day) at the shows I attend. Some will come framed and some will be part of the box.

Not quite following yet? Well tune in at the start of the New Year!

Hopefully over time, this box unfolds just right.

Looking forward to it? So am I!

- Justin

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